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Student Government (MASG)

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Monticello Academy Student Government Web Page


Welcome to the Monticello Academy Student Government (M.A.S.G.). The M.A.S.G. is comprised of 3 Advisors and 15 offices that are held by 30 students ranging from 5th to 8th grade.  Together the students strive to represent the Monticello Academy student body through event planning, fundraising, policy changes and investing back into the school.  M.A.S.G. officers gain important lifelong skills through meaningful experiences as they are tested throughout the year in areas of communication, teamwork, innovation, problem solving, management and leadership.  These officers are preparing to be the future leaders of tomorrow.


Monticello Academy Student Government "Where you can be the change." 


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Student Government Application (2019-2020)

Email Advisor
Contact Amelia Fishpaw  Amelia Fishpaw (408) 615-9416 ex: 125 Teacher
Contact Allison Lamb  Allison Lamb (408) 615-9416 ex: 133 Teacher