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Middle Locker
11/5/12 2:43 PM

Monticello Academy Middle School

Our Mission

At Monticello Academy Middle School, we believe that adolescents learn to navigate and eventually master their daily academic challenges while developing meaningful personal relationships. Both are viewed as critical components of the total growth of our students. The challenges that we present to our students are not only designed to be developmentally age-appropriate, but our students have the support from a number of opportunities within our daily schedule.

Our faculty recognizes that adolescence is a trying time, but not one of which to be fearful. The teachers are as dedicated to their roles as advisors as they are to teaching in their chosen subject areas. The rapid pace at which these young people change is extraordinary, and so we believe that we must exercise a certain degree of consideration and flexibility when we plan the due dates as well as the amount of homework, tests, and projects.

We have found that when our faculty and administration do our jobs well, then we can expect that students begin to take ownership of their development. They show early signs of increasing their areas of passion while discovering the importance of self-advocacy. Our students often combine talents to support others within our school community and beyond. These leadership skills will be critical as they mature into young adults.

Come and see what we are all about!

To schedule a tour or if you have any questions about our Middle School please contact Trinh Trinh at or 408-615-9416 ext: 101


After Monticello...

Our graduates have been accepted to excellent public and private high schools throughout the south bay, including:

  • Archbishop Mitty High School
  • Bellarmine Preparatory High School
  • Homestead High School
  • Kehillah Jewish High School
  • Kings Academy
  • Los Gatos High School
  • Lynbrook High School
  • Magnolia High School
  • Milpitas High School
  • Notre Dame High School
  • Santa Clara High School
  • St. Francis High School
  • St. Lawrence Academy
  • Valley Christian High School
  • Westmont High School
  • Wilcox High School