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Library Information

Please click on the link below for details regarding Monticello library system, and links to full
OPAC site, as well
as Mobile friendly site and Kids friendly site. These links are remote
accessible and mobile friendly. Please
read the attached Library Rules, sign the acknowledgement
and return it to the librarian.

Library Information

Library Rules and Acknowledgment Form

Library News

Book Check Out:

1. Check out with librarians first – Ms. Vivian, Mr. Nam and Ms. Cathie
2. No librarian, check out at the front office.
3. Books are checked out for three weeks and can be extended up to three consecutive times.
4. Use your Student ID card when checking out the library books or give us your Student ID (unique to the library 8 digits, not the sign in ID of 4 digits) number.


Book Return:

1. Please drop off in the “Library Drop Box” located in the main library hallway.
2. Do not drop off in the front office or to the teachers.


Late Charge:

1. Late charges will apply if you miss the due date.
2. Payments are done through PayPal for self payment, otherwise will be billed through Smart Tuition.
3. Balance must be at zero amount in order for you to continue to check out books.

For inquiries, please email

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