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Countless researchers and studies have shown over the years that chess is good educational tool for children to improve abilities in reasoning, comprehension, concentration, reading, persistence, planning, logic, problem solving, patience, decision-making, objectivity, math, self-control, commitment, and thinking development. Just as athletics are a part of the required agenda at schools in the United States, chess has been that way in the European nations abroad.

Many schools are now finding chess as an essential way of helping kids grow mentally. In this technologically driven world, chess helps aid in the synthesis and growth of certain areas in the brain and mind where many children can benefit as they grow older.

Monticello chess class will consist of a basic lesson to expand student’s fundamental knowledge of the art of chess. Once various skills and
techniques are discussed and taught, students will be given ample opportunity to implement their techniques through friendly peer
competition. Through competition, students can put their new found knowledge to the test. Once students master the techniques and
develop their understanding of chess, Monticello Academy will venture out to other schools once or twice a month for school league
competitions within Santa Clara County.


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Chess (2019-2020)