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MonticelloAcademy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Accreditation is a certification that the school is a trustworthy institution of learning by the Accredited Commission for Schools. The Accrediting Commission:

  • Validates the integrity of an institution's program and student transcripts
  • Fosters improvement of the institution's programs and operations to support student learning
  • Assures an institution's community that the institution's purposes are appropriate and being accomplished through a viable educational program
  • Manages change through regular assessment, planning, implementing, monitoring and reassessment
  • Assists an institution in establishing its priority areas for improvement as a result of the perpetual accreditation cycle that includes:
    • Institutional self-assessment of the current educational program for students
    • Insight and perspective from the visiting committee
    • Regular institution staff assessment of progress through the intervening years between full self-studies.

The accreditation process included a full report and visit from the accrediting commissions. The study assessed the success of the school in meeting academic and developmental standards. In the words of WASC, accredited schools “must be worthy of the trust placed in them to provide high quality learning opportunities, …with the added requirement that they clearly demonstrate that they are about the critical business of continual self-improvement …Ultimately the accreditation process is all about fostering excellence.”

Our accreditation is due to the incredible dedication and passion our teachers demonstrate in their daily work with children, our parent body - past and present - who partner with us in the education of their children,  and our administrative staff who support the teaching staff and parents. We are very proud of this recognition for Monticello Academy and will continue to strive for excellence.

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